Teacher Resources for The WindSinger

Lesson Plans

Discussion Questions (Download)
Questions for whole-group or small-group discussions
Time Lines (Download)
A multi-tier time line activity
Exploring Character, Part 1 (Download)
Considering traits of main characters
Exploring Character, Part 2 (Download)
Considering traits of secondary characters
Inside Outline Templates (Download)
Use for Exploring Character Activities I & II
Decision Making: Attitude Shift (Download)
Analyzing how characters change
Role Playing (Download)
What characters would do in a given situation
Math Game -- Can you find Z'Nia? (Download)
Game sheets and directions for plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate grid
Is Bigfoot Real? (Download)
Cryptozoology: What could be more appealing than a scientific mystery?
Where in the World is Bigfoot? (Download)
Linking Bigfoot's many names with geographic locations
Saving the Earth (Download)
Helping kids think about what they can do
Bigfoot Book List (Download)
List of age-appropriate books about Sasquatch and other mysterious creatures
Bigfoot Websites for Kids (Download)
Kid-friendly sites on Bigfoot and endangered/extinct animals
Sasquatch Snacks (Download)
Challenge students to invent a Z'nia-friendly food.