Biography of Peggy Harkins

Hi! Welcome to my website! 

I have lived in central Ohio most of my life. My first real job was teaching third grade. Eventually, I went back to college to learn more about the best ways to teach children. I enjoyed it so much that I took a job at a university, teaching adults who want to become teachers themselves. I love my work! 

My big passion, though, is books. As a kid, I always left the library with a huge stack of books, as many as I could carry. I still do that. I read both adult books and those written for younger readers, especially mysteries or fantasy. When I really love a book, I'll read it again and again. That's my test for whether I'll keep a book I've purchased – whether I'd want to read it a second time. If you could see my sagging bookshelves, you'd know I have a lot of favorites! 

I also love to write. I've been writing off-and-on for years. At first, I just wrote for myself, one story after another – always novels for middle graders or young adults, always fantasy (though not usually the kind filled with fairy dust and magic). About a year ago, I decided I wanted to share one of my stories. I chose The WindSinger. You'll find sample chapters here on my website. 

I spend lots of time at my computer or curled up with a book. I also like watching movies (sometimes more than once). And I enjoy traveling. My trips nearly always include a stop at the local library – or at an interesting bookstore!